Coordinator of the Museum Night Fever: The 4th edition was a great success

9 03 2011

Stéphanie MasuyThe reactions of the public were very positive and we noted visitors coming from all over Belgium and even from abroad to attend the event, Stéphanie Masuy, the Coordinator of the Museum Night Fever and the Deputy Director of Brussels Museums Council, told V. Piecková in an exclusive interview.

Ms. Masuy: What was at the origin of the idea of organizing the very first year of Museum Night Fever in Brussels? Were you inspired by some similar event in another city or country?

The Night of Museums is a concept that has existed for many years. This event was initiated by museums in Berlin. In Brussels, we have already had the Late-Evening Openings of the Brussels Museums accompanied by very attractive interactive activities similar to those offered by many other Museum Nights. Therefore, we decided to make the Museum Night a totally different event suggesting ‘a night for youth and by youth’ (which does not prevent the wide public from participating in the event). We gave to the event a unique title ‘Museum Night Fever’ in order to highlight the dynamism of the project, its innovative character and to avoid confusion with the Brussels Museums Late-Evening Openings [in French « Nocturnes »].

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Museum Night Fever 2011 in Brussels

7 03 2011

Museum Night Fever 2011 logo

The Brussels Museums Council organised for the fourth time the Museum Night Fever (MNF) in Brussels. The event was held on Saturday February 26, 2011 and traditionally met with great success among young public.  Fourteen thousand museum passes were sold and the participating museums estimate the whole number of visits up to 45,000.

The participating museums were open to MNF visitors from 7pm to 1am. In cooperation with more than 500 students, artists and volunteers, they offered a wide variety of performances, concerts and guided tours on their ground. The museums came virtually alive for this night.

All the visitors and participants were invited to the after party at BOZAR starting at midnight. Unfortunately, due to security reasons and limited space, not all of them could have finally taken part in it.

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Happy to watch the “Happy Cows” commercial

28 11 2010

Some days ago, I bumped into an amusing American commercial under the title “Happy Cows” posted by one of my friends on facebook. It was a kind of funny story with talking cows ended by a claim “Great milk comes from Happy Cows. Happy Cows come from California.” Although, it is not quite a new thing, let us be honest, the first version of this commercial dates back to ten years ago, I liked it so much as to take a closer look at it.

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Brands competing at the Ducks Race

6 09 2009

Flying ducks

What is more attractive than linking your brand to a funny event having a lofty goal? Companies operating in Slovakia had yesterday, 5th September 2009, an excellent opportunity to do so and take part in the Ducks race at the Water Sports Center in Bratislava.

This event had its premiere last year when companies as well as individuals could for the first time adopt a rubber duck with an assigned number racing on their behalf. All the collected money during the Ducks race was destined to the restoration of the Gothic tower at the Janko Kráľ Park in Bratislava.

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5 08 2009 is a buzz web application for creating virtual business cards. According “Mashable“, lets you “build a beautiful social media business card”. Who would not like to get a great virtual business card for free? So I went through to create mine… just the result was not exactly I’d expected. brings a platform how to share all our contact info through one item – a nice organized virtual business card. It looks promising so what it is needed to build one? I clicked on‘s website, filled in the form as I did so many times before for other social media profiles and chose one of 27 free designs.

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Social Media Marketing without a creative approach?

26 06 2009

During my regular review of LinkedIn groups’ discussions, I have realized how many of them are aiming to approach potential new business partners or clients. There would be nothing bad on it unless they do it in an appropriate way and with at least a hint of creativity.

Social media are a great opportunity for companies to present themselves to clients as well as business audience at a minimum of costs. At first sight, it is very easy way how to aim at the right target. Though it is not still clear which is the correct approach to choose in this area.

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Viral Advertising

6 06 2009

viral advertising

Low costs, original message, big impact. These are three basic advantages of a well-done viral advertising. No wonder that this form of advertising becomes lately so popular.

What may be better than a self-spreading product? We may tend to answer “a well-done self-spreading product”. It may be a correct remark but in case of viral advertising for sure a bit redundant. A good idea and its correct realisation have to be an integral part of any viral advertising, else we could talk just about some attempt of a desperate marketer, provided with a low budget.

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